Monday, November 10, 2014

RedHotness blogg!!!

OMG I can not believe who I have today!!! Wait until you see, I am sure she will heat up your Monday!

1) Can you please introduce yourself to everyone.

  My name is Cathy Jackson. I am a mom of four and a wife of one. As You Wish is my debut novel published June 2014. On Facebook, I go by RedHotness a title given to me by my husband, Matthew Jackson.
Harshman is my Editor and Videos by O. make both my Book Teasers and Book Trailers. They have been very kind and generous to me in helping to make my books a success.

2) Would you like to share any work you have done or doing? 

I am currently doing edits on Bloom. The novel is set to be released November 29th, 2014. My husband, Matthew Jackson is working on teaser pictures for this as we speak.  

3) Do you have a favorite genre?


4) Did you always want to write or what inspired you to do it?

Definitely inspired.
Stories began coming to me about a year ago and I began writing them.

5) Do you need a nice quiet space to write or are you blasting your music and writing?

I have to write with music. Each song I listen to inspires a chapter of the novel I am writing.

6) If you could give one tip to someone who wants to write what would it be?

Do not give up. Just when you think you should, don’t. For me, that is when the magic happens!

7) What is the big dream? In other words where would you like your writing to take you to in the future?

I have written a Doctor Who series of books that I would like seen published one day. To have BBC pick up those novels would be brilliant.

8) If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be?

I would love to meet Jesus. He makes me who I am and continually makes me a better person.

Now the fun questions.
1) Do you like pizza or salad? 

Salad with my pizza.

2) What do you like more cake or fruit? 

Can I have fruit on my cake? I love Black Forest Cake.

3) What is your favorite kind of music?

I love all kinds of music and use them in my writing.

4) Who is your favorite Author?

I adore Christine Feehan! Love her!

5) Do you like Vampire, Werewolf, Fairy or shifter men when you read for pleasure?

Definitely vampires!

6) Do you have pets?

No pets.

7) Do you have favorite animal not your pet's but like wild animals?

I love cats!

8) Do you like city or suburbs better?

City! There is always so much happening there!

9) If you could live anywhere where would it be?

Scotland. I would love to live in Scotland!

10) Do you have tattoos? Do you want one?

No Tats. After having four children and feeling like I was always stuck with a needle, I am a little shy of them.

11) Do you like guys with tattoos?


12) Do you have a favorite place you like to be?

I like to be home. Writing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
I really enjoyed this interview, I hope you did too. I am E. J. Babcock I hope you have a great day/night!


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