Sunday, November 2, 2014

Guest Interview Number Six Sunday

It has been a great week so far with authors, publisher's and their pet's. I can't think of any other way I would like to spend my Sunday then with one of my friend's and a glass of wine. She own's The Wobbly Canvas and she makes you look like an artist. I have told so many people about her and her ablity to make you relax I have lost count. Once you read her blog maybe you will see why I enjoy painting and being around her so much!

The Wobbly Canvas

905 979 1144

1) Can you please introduce yourself to everyone. 

Hello, I am Veniessa. I am a Canadian artist. I am the proud owner of The Wobbly Canvas along side my husband Wayne. We opened our business in July and to our excitement, it is becoming a great success! Who would of thought combining friends(old and new), fun, a glass of wobbly and some paint direction would be such a wonderful night out for so many!
We've now been in the newspaper twice! Burlington Lifestyle and Burlington Post~what an exciting time!

 2) Would you like to share any work you have done or doing?   

Sure :) always creating, here are some new ones that we will have events for through the coming months! They are one canvas and double canvas paintings (to paint one at our event is $30.00 a person, and the doubles are $40.00 pp includes a glass of wine:)

(More art at the end of the blog)

3) Do you have a favorite piece of work?

I always have a favorite piece! It changes  all the time..I recently did a snowy owl in a tree- for now he's my favorite...for now! :)

4) Did you always want to paint and what inspired you to do it?

I have always had an artist mind. I have always been involved with art and it has forever been my outlet. For me painting holds hands with my imagination. I love what I do! Nothing really inspired me, its been my outlet since I was a child. Just something I have to do to be whole

 5) Do you need a nice quiet space to paint or are you blasting your music and painting?

I am not a lover of quiet! It allows my brain to get loud! I usually paint to music

 6) If you could give one tip to someone who wants to paint what would it be?

Let go! Empty your mind of all the days activity and worry and just paint it out! Never painted? That's what I'm here for! I'm here to walk you through step by step so you don't have to think or stress! There is something very freeing about painting with friends (or even on your own) My mission is always the same- bring creativity, and people together and magic happens! ...I guess that's more than one tip!

 7) What is the big dream? In other words where would you like your art work to take you to in the future?

oh I have all kinds of dreams~i'm a dreamer. I don't know exactly where I want my art to take me, that's part of the fun...when you jump off a mountain, I believe part of the excitment is never knowing where you're going to land!

 8) If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be?

hmmm- good question! I have a few I guess. I would like to meet any woman living or passed that had the courage to do great things and step out of their comfort zone! Women like that inspire me every day!

 Now the fun questions  

 1) Do you like pizza or salad?


 2) What do you like more cake or fruit?

 3) What is your favorite kind of music?

I like all music, I love music that tells a story. Except for opera music(I could do without)

 4) Who is your favorite Author?

I don't really have a fav author as I like many different kinds of books. However I will say, The four agreements by Dom Miguel Ruiz changed my thought process as a young woman and put me on a path of a kinder, lighter, more forgiving soul.

 5) Do you like Vampire, Werewolf, Fairy or shifter men when you read for pleasure?

I would say fairy

 6) Would you like to have pet?

I would love to have a pet, , ,such a big responsabilty tho

7)Do you have favorite wild animals?

I love all animals! My favorite is a giraffe. . .they rise above so gracefully

 8) Do you like city or suburbs better?

Suburbs (more nature can be found)

9) If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

right here!! For now :)

 10) Do you have a favorite place you like to be?

My favorite place is at a waters edge or a takes you away from life and its busy pace...we should all stop and smell the roses! The wild ones can be found in a forest!

 1. Hi, I am Gizmo and you are?

Hi Gizmo :) I'm Veniessa

 2.  Do you go to any stores? If so which is your favorite store?

I'm not really a good shopper!

3.       What would look for in a pet?

I would look for a pet that needed a good loving home. A good fit if you far as cute and temper men to be hath is in the eye of the beholder:)

 4.       Do you have a favorite animal show?

I used to love that show 'The dog whisperer' Although I didn't agree with all that he did, I thought him am inspiration to people and animals alike

 5.       Would you let a dog roll in the sand? (I love sand)

I prefer the mud myself but sure!, by all means!

 6.       Would you take a dog to the off the leash parks or would you like the walks better?


 7.       Do you like giving belly rubs?

I sure do. Everyone needs to be loved and I believe that's a great way of showing it

8.       Do you like it when it's warm or cold out? Day or night?

I like to be warm rather than cold..I like the in between! Not too hot, not to cold

 9.       What is your favorite treat to give a visiting pet?

 10.       Would you let a pet sleep on a human bed, a dog bed, the top of the couch, the floor or the crate?

On the bed, on the floor, on the couch..part of the family!

I just love going to paint with this lady. I hope you enjoyed this blog, I did!
I hope you all have a  awesome day/night E. J. Babcock

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