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Guest Interview Number Four Friday?

Are we having fun yet??  I sure am please welcome my next guest.

1) Can you please introduce yourself to everyone.

Hello! I'm T.J. Loveless. I write books, drive the family to a new level of crazy when possible, work, co-own Cliffhanger Press, live in the great state of Wyoming where I have mountains to gaze at, ignore dust bunnies and their ever-growing population with a mixture of procrastination + ability to ignore anything when writing.
I have several books out, the most popular being Fractured Steel, an international bestseller. It's the first book in a series called The Imperfect Metal Series, the second being Twisted Iron. I also have a humorous contemporary fantasy series, featuring a talking, rainbow farting, cantankerous unicorn, called The Fortune Cookie Diaries.
Currently, I'm trying to wrap my brain around an idea that I'll announce later.
2) Would you like to share any work you have done or doing? 
In the writing world, nothing yet. I have a lot coming out next spring, but I have to get the logistics worked out. I also work to spread the truth about PTSD and how it affects so many in our world.
   3) Do you have a favorite genre?
Um, I read across all genres, to be honest. It just depends on my mood. From romance to thriller to urban fantasy.
4) Did you always want to write or what inspired you to do it?

I can remember writing stories in 4th grade. But for the longest time, I didn't get a word out. Then in 2000, a series hit me and I started. Oh it was awful. Horrible. Bad, bad, bad. But I finished - and ended up completely addicted LOL
5) Do you need a nice quiet space to write or are you blasting your music and writing?
I MUST have music blasting, snacks, caffeinated drink, and a spray bottle filled with white vinegar in case someone decides it's a good time to interrupt.
PS - the spray bottle does work on critters, kids, and significant others. Great deterrent

6) If you could give one tip to someone who wants to write what would it be?
It's scary. Frightening. Thrilling. Mind blowing. Insanity inducing. EVERYONE is a bad writer in the beginning! Don't worry if your rough drafts look like they were written by a toddler. Just write. Oh and a warning: I'm not kidding. When you finish that first novel, the feeling of accomplishment is an addictive rush. Feed the rush!!

7) What is the big dream? In other words where would you like your writing to take you to in the future?
I'd like to see my books make a difference, to let others who suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc., know they are not alone. That tomorrow is another day, and when they put their feet on the ground, they won a major battle. 
Okay and make a decent living off them. LOL

8) If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be?
Margaret Mitchell. Anson Mount (because, well, Anson Mount). Gloria Steinem. Neil deGrasse Tyson. Carl Sagan. Madame Curie (pre-radioactive). Winston Churchill. Eleanor Roosevelt. And oh-so-many others who worked hard to make a difference in people's lives.

Now the fun questions        
1) Do you like pizza or salad?
Depends, what time of the month is it? Right now, I'm on a crazy salad craving binge. But a good pizza sounds awesome. LOL

2) What do you like more cake or fruit?
Fruit on the cake.

3) What is your favorite kind of music?
Heavy metal/rock, but also love classical, opera, old country-western, some pop, 80's, 90's, 60's & 70's rock ... Indie bands ... really it just is all over the place. I even have rap and hip/hop records.

4) Who is your favorite Author?
Hands down, Margaret Mitchell. 

5) Do you like Vampire, Werewolf, Fairy or shifter men when you read for pleasure?
Can't I have them all as my book boyfriends? It is my fantasy world ... 

6) Do you have pet's?
Don't you mean, "Do you have small critters who own you?" <~ answer is yes.

7) Do you have favorite animal not your pet's but like wild animals?

Orcas, bison, mustangs, wolves. And my favorite - sloths. I just love sloths.

8) Do you like city or suburbs better?
125+ acres in the middle of nowhere is preferred.
9) If you could live anywhere where would it be?
Right where I am.

10) Do you have tattoos? Do you want one?
I don't, but I've been talking to a tattoo artist in town to do a tattoo of the spine on the cover of Fractured Steel.
11) Do you like guys with tattoos?
YES. But I'm picky.
12) Do you have a favorite place you like to be?
In the middle of nowhere, facing the Rockies/Tetons. 

 Gizmo's Corner.

 1. Hi, I am Gizmo and you are?
I'm Belle (black and tan), I'm Prinny (white), and I'm Titan (cat). We own T.J. Loveless and family. AKA - The Muses (chihuahuas) and Editor Kitty, or I'm Going to Kill the Cat. We respond to all of the above.
2.  Do you go to any stores? If so which is your favorite store?
We're allowed to go to Petco in town, because it's the only place we behave.
3.       What is your favorite toy that you play with?
Mom's shoes.
4.       Do you have a favorite animal show?
The Dog Channel on DirecTV.
5.       Do you chase cats?
The Muses: Only if he's standing still. 
6.       Do you like off the leash parks better than walks?
Belle: well, I'm not allowed off the leash because I run away.
Prinny: LOVE IT!
Titan: I must have my leash or I won't go on walks.
7.       Do you like having belly rubs?
All three: Our humans rub our bellies on demand!
8.       Do you like it when it's warm or cold out? Day or night?
All three: Warm, and during the day so we can deploy the solar panels in the sun
9.       What is your favorite treat?
All three: anything we can sneak when the humans aren't watching.
10.       Do you sleep on a human bed, a dog bed, the top of the couch, the floor or the crate?
All three: Wait. Others don't have their humans trained to sleep on small corners of the bed so we can have the rest? 

Could I get any better guests? I mean  HELLO I am just starting out I hope you like who I have and who I have up next.
 But before I go I am going to post the book covers from T.J. Loveless

I Hope you all have a great day/night! I hope you are enjoying these blogs as much as I am. I am E.J. Babcock 

The Give away

The give away:
You could win a $5.00 gift card to and one of these books. 


How will you chose?? I don't know...(I couldn't) The best part with the gift card you can get any books from the author's this week.

Have a great day/night E.J. Babcock

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Guest Interview Number Three Thursday

I keep wanting to pinch myself. I have had so any people say  yes to me asking them question's. I may faint at some point, someone better know catch

Ok So my questions are the red ones the guest answers are in black.

1) Can you please introduce yourself to everyone?

Hi All,
 I am Penny Adams publisher at both and Attempting to run two publishing houses proves that I am insane. Fortunately I have equally insane people working for and with me, so effectively the inmates are now running the asylum. I have won awards, and may do so again, but if I were to brag about anything it would be my recent dealing with cancer, my work as a natural therapist and my rescue work with animals.

First the cancer. In Dec.of 2011 I found a lump. I knew immediately from the feel, the news was not going to be good but kept all of this to myself as Christmas was just around the corner and I didn't want to upset anyone. On March 3/2012,after a core biopsy, it was confirmed that it was DCIS. I spent a year boosting my immune system and became an expert on me and my health needs. In June of 2013, I had the mastectomy and immediate reconstruction. My surgeon has declared me cancer free from a surgical standpoint. That is not really realistic, but I won't get into that here. Let's just say I don't believe in chemo and radiation, and am healthier today than I have been for a very long time. My work as a natural therapist came in very handy, as I was able to determine what it was I need to do for myself and did it, and am still doing it. It was while I was recovering from the surgery, I began fostering dogs for Bright Eyes Dog Rescue and I do so to this day. Currently I have beautiful little long haired Dachshund cross, with 7 puppies. They fit in nicely with the 9 permanent dogs that reside on our acreage.

2) Would you like to share any work you have done or doing? 

I am not a writer, or so I keep saying, although I was published in two anthologies in the past from a now defunct company. I do however, write a natural therapy column for Sensual Treats magazine- . The magazine comes out quarterly and has a little something for everyone in it.

3)  Do you have a favorite genre?

 I don't know that I have a favorite genre. As both an avid reader and a publisher, it doesn't matter what I read as long as it's well written. 

4) What inspired you to publish and / or who was your biggest influence?

I worked for another publishing company and wound up practically running it. Again during my recovery from the mastectomy I realised two things. I couldn't continue to work that hard for someone else and never see a cent in pay.I also knew I wanted to continue to be a part of this business. I love children and young adult books. I think reading is the greatest gift we can give our children. So I began the steps to launch LadyBee Publishing. My biggest influence from the start was and is Denyse Bridger. We started off as friends, then she got me to beta read some of her work. That led to editing, then led to the work for the now defunct other publishing company. She helps me constantly. I wouldn't be this far in either company were it not for how much she helped and continues to help. Another huge thanks needs to go to Cynthia MacGregor who is not only a very prolific writer as well as a producer for Younger Every Day, a weekly t.v. production that she does and hosts from her home. Without those two ladies, and all the help and encouragement they have provided, I would have given up before I started. I have made friends with two wonderful Canadian publishers. Patricia Bates from Crimson Frost Publishing and Gina Kincade from Naughty Nights Press. Both of those ladies have offered help, advice and encouragement to this newbie. They have no idea how much I appreciate them both.

5) Do you need a nice quiet space to write or are you blasting your music while writing?

 I never know what I am going to write about,  I think it will be one thing and I sit down and boom, something entirely different comes out, so in that aspect I guess I am a writer but it's not a driving force for me. I have a million story ideas, but seldom feel the need to write them out which is why I state I am not really a writer. When I do sit down to do an article, I typically like it very quiet, hence why I am doing this at 2:30 a.m. All the beasties are sleeping :-)

6) If you could give one tip to someone who wants to write what would it be?

My one piece of advice to anyone who wants to write? Learn your craft! Writing is work and it's a constant learning curve. If you aren't willing to make the commitment to learn proper English and sentence structure, to take the hits along with the praises and absolutely know there is going to be more than one person who hates your work, this is not the job for you.

7)  What is the big dream? In other words where would you like your writing to take you to in the future?

My own big dream would be to have all my authors get the recognition they so justly deserve. I  am thrilled that I have some truly amazing authors on board with both publishing houses. They are  wonderful writers and they deserve to be fully recognized for the true talents that they are. 

8) City or suburbs?

I'm a total country bumpkin. I love the culture offered in the cities however, I go, I enjoy and I am ever so grateful to get back to our humble little abode.

9)  If you could live anywhere where would it be?
 I love Canada and while I enjoy visiting other places, I am right where I want to be although,  I have my eye on a piece of property that has protected wildlife and wetlands all around it. So come on lottery, momma wants to move!

10)  Do you have tattoos? Do you want one?

I do have tattoos. Two of them. I wouldn't mind having the one on my wrist changed but I really don't plan on getting any more. 

Pet Questions

Gizmo question's will be in blue and his guest in black.

1) Hi, I am Gizmo and you are?

Hi, I am Truffles. I am a 12 year old Jackamo.For those that are wondering what that is, I am half Jack Russell Terrier and half miniature American Eskimo.

2) Do you go to any stores? If so which is your favorite store?

  I go to all kinds of places with both my human mom and dad. I like them all because everyone pets me and tells me how pretty I am, and I get a lot of treats.

3) What is your favorite toy that you play with?

  I like rawhide chews and sometimes a stuffed toy to play with.

4)  Do you have a favorite animal show?

  I like animal shows and my human mom watches a lot of those. I really like the ones that have little kittens in them.

5) Do you chase cats?

  We just got two new little kittens. They like to play with all of us and we like to play back. Human mom makes sure we don't get too rough as these are just babies yet. We have always had cats and we love them. But we don't like strays and will chase them off the property.

6) Do you like off the leash parks better than walks?

   We leave in the country so as mom say, we leave in an off leash park. But I am on a leash when we go to town or the city. It's okay, as it keeps me safe but I love just walking with my humans out here, and being able to run and investigate all the smells we come across.

7) Do you like having belly rubs?
  Love, love, love belly rubs. I could have my belly rubbed for hours and not move.

8) Do you like it when it's warm or cold out? Day or night?

 I have plenty of warm places to go into when I am outside, so unless it's really cold that is where I want to be. I like it just a little bit cooler, maybe because of my long coat.

9)  What is your favorite treat?

My favorite treat is actually going for a ride. I love any kind of ride, Dad's truck, or mom's car is great but the best of all is the motorcycle. I get the first and last ride of the year every year. I have included a picture of me getting the first ride of the year this year. You can see me smiling. I was actually kind of mad at dad when he took me for the last ride. We only went out for 10 mins. I pouted when we came back home, I wanted a much longer ride. 

10) Do you sleep on a human bed, a dog bed, the top of the couch, the floor or the crate?

  I used to sleep on the back of the couch when I was just a pup, and my humans were watching t.v. I always slept on the bed with them too, but now I sleep on a real soft bed beside their bed. I am getting old and it's too hard for me to jump up and down. So they bought me my own bed and I love it.

11)   Are you a lap dog?

I cuddle with my humans but I am not really a lap dog. As I have gotten older, I don't need to be on them as much. I like to be near them though because one never knows when they will offer up a great belly rub.

Ok Isn't she AWESOME!!! Isn't Truffles a sweet pup too? Ok are we still having fun. I will repost the giveaway it closes at midnight November 4th.
Thank you for reading my blog I have more AWESOME people to come.
I am E. J. Babcock I hope you have a great day/night.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Guest Interview Number Two Wednesday.

This is my second author of the week. There just might might be a giveaway. So please stay tuned until after the questions.

1) Can you please introduce yourself to everyone?

I’m Aurrora St. James and I write medieval fantasy romance and paranormal romance. I’m an avid reader of romance as well, so you could say I really love the genre. But nothing makes me happier than tortur… that is, making my characters happy. J

2) Would you like to share any work you have done or doing? 

I just released my second book, Gavril of Aquina. It’s the first in the Lords of Magic series but is a stand-alone book. (I’m not a big fan of books that feature the same hero and heroine for many books) Each book can be read separately and each will feature its own hero and heroine for a happily ever after. Here’s a little bit about the book:
Gavril Khalon lost his throne, his magic, and spent years tortured in captivity. When fate provides his freedom, Gavril returns to his beloved Aquina with no hope of reclaiming his place as king. Until a chance meeting brings him face to face with the one person who may tip the scales in his favor.
When a wounded stranger stumbles into Shyla De Aven, he presents her with a mystery she is compelled to solve. Determined to find the answer and help Gavril, Shyla uncovers an unexpected connection. Can she find the key to unlocking his true power and return him to the throne, without losing her heart in the process?

3) Do you have a favorite genre?

It would have to be either medieval or paranormal romance. Sound familiar? I like to write what I love to read. And it must be romance. If someone isn’t kissing, I’m not interested.

4) Did you always want to write or what inspired you to do it?

I’m not sure I always wanted to write, but I always did write. Does that make sense? No? I’ve been writing my own stories since I was a kid or just making them up in my head even if they never made it to paper. It wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I realized that I loved it, or rather, that I didn’t love anything else as much as I loved writing. So I signed up for a couple writing classes and found my heart’s desire.

5) Do you need a nice quiet space to write or are you blasting your music and writing?

It depends. I can write in the quiet of my office. But if others are around or the television is on, I need the headphones. Otherwise my sentences look like “He kissed her neck, pressed his mouth to her ear, and whispered, ‘Common side effects of Viagra are…’.”  I have playlists for different types of scenes, like fight scenes or love scenes, that I listen to as inspiration for the tone of the scene.

6) If you could give one tip to someone who wants to write what would it be?

Torture your characters. Just kidding. Mostly. In all seriousness, I’m not sure I can keep it to just one tip. Here goes: If you want to write, start by writing for yourself. Write what you love and don’t worry about the publication part of things just yet. Believe in yourself and always work to improve your writing skills. And if you decide you want to try publishing your work, either go through a publishing company with good editors or hire an editor yourself. Never publish anything that hasn’t been professionally edited. This is a big one and can really make the difference in the types of reviews you get from your readers, who hold recommendations (and by extension- sales) of your book in the palm of their hands.

7) What is the big dream? In other words, where would you like your writing to take you to in the future?

Mars. Less traffic, you know?
I want to be able to write from home full time, doing what I love: bringing characters and stories to life. I also want to try to bring readers to another place, just for a while. Let them escape the business of their lives and remember that love and happiness can co-exist with life’s struggles.

8) If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be?

Joss Whedon. He’s my writing hero.

Now the for the fun questions.  

1) Pizza or salad?


2) Cake or fruit?


3) Favorite kind of music?

Hard rock

4) Favorite Author? 

Donna Grant

5)Vampire, Werewolf, Fairy or shifter? 


6) Do you have pet's? 

Yes, a dog.

7)A Favorite animal?


8) City or suburbs?

I live in the suburbs but wish for the country

9) If you could live anywhere where would it be? 


10) Do you have tattoos? Do you want one?

No. Sometimes, I do. And if I ever did, I’d probably get a tiger.  

Gizmo's Corner:

1. Hi, I am Gizmo and you are? 
2.  Do you go to any stores? If so which is your favorite store? 
The pet food store. They have open bins of cookies that I can eat when mom isn’t paying attention. She calls it the doggy drive-thru.
3.       What is your favorite toy that you play with?
My pink flamingo without stuffing
4.       Do you have a favorite animal show? 
No, I don’t watch much TV
5.       Do you chase cats? 
Only when they run
6.       Do you like off the leash parks better than walks?
Yes. I don’t like leashes and try to chew threw them when mom isn’t paying attention. Plus I can play with other dogs at the park.
7.       Do you like having belly rubs? 
8.       Do you like it when it's warm or cold out? Day or night? 
I like when it’s warm during the day. But I like to eat snow.
9.       What is your favorite treat? 
Sunflower seeds that dad shares with me. Or peanut butter. Or anything mom is eating. Or cookies. Or ice. Or doggy ice cream. Or bananas. Or bananas WITH peanut butter.
10.       Do you sleep on a human bed, a dog bed, the top of the couch, the floor or the crate?
I sleep on my dog bed until dad falls asleep then sneak out to the living room to sleep on the couch.

11.   Are you a lap dog?
Yes. Mom says no.

I love interviewing anyone, I get all fan flustered too. So when Aurrora St. James offered to do a giveaway I was in shock. I have never gave anything away before.

  What can you win? A $5.00 gift card and a copy of Set in Stone or Gavril of Aquina (I loved Gavril of Aquina). So you have until Tuesday November 4th  to go to the rafflecopter link.
I hope you all have a great day/night. I hope you check out tomorrow's blog.  

I am E. J. Babcock I hope you have a great night/day!

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