Friday, August 19, 2016

Looking for a fairy.


You guy's should've known that I was going to do a blog about this weekend. I'm not ready for tomorrow. The Tragically Hip’s concert is on Saturday.  (Yeah I refuse to say it's last.) I’m holding out for a miracle. I want Gord to walk out on that stage and give us one of his trademark smirks and say “Hey, the doctors have cleared me to do more shows. What do you guy’s think about that?” But this is me being greedy.
See I wasn’t lucky enough to get tickets to any of the concerts. I wasn’t even lucky enough to win tickets. I tried both believe me. I refuse to give into the scalpers. If there is a good fairy out there willing to drop two tickets in my lap I won’t protest. I will however watch the concert with a group of friends who are coming up to see another band playing at the CNE on Sunday.
I am not sure what it is about The Tragically Hip that draws us to them. Maybe in the end it’s because they are just a very humble band.
This is going to be one of those moments we will remember where we were and who we were with.  If you have never heard a Tragically Hip song give them a try.
I will only Saturday listen to all the Tragically Hip songs I have on Spotify and remember each time I saw them.
As always I hope you enjoyed my blog and I wish Gord good luck.
For the rest of let’s remember we only have one chance at this thing called life try not to mess it up.
Until Next time have a great day/night.
E.J. Babcock