Friday, January 6, 2017

New Book and other news.

Hey Everyone I just wanted to do a quick blog.
For two reason's.
1) My second book will be out on Tuesday.
2) One of my author friends has a book sale!

Direct Impact is book two of my Impacted series it will be out Tuesday I will have all links up as they become live.
If you haven't read Sudden Impact please go to:

Or to: for more way's to buy it.

Now on to my friend Freya LeCrow I find her to be a captivating author who keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you haven't read one of her books you should. I'm only going to feature The Rembrandt Ripper. It's an awesome read and it's only .99 cents. The Ripper is taking  New York by storm and it has a great quick witted storyline. 

Trust me you'll be dying to read more by Freya LeCrow when you are done with this book.
Here are her llinks:


Book two is Duplicating Da Vinci I haven't read it yet but trust me I will. It looks as great as the first one.

I hope you have a great night. I hope you check out these books. I will chat with you next time. I hope you have a great night/morning!!
E.J. Babcock