Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A small town girl in Canada.

While I am waiting to hear back from a few surprise guest, I have a confusion. I was born and raised in a small town in Indiana. Why am I telling you this you might be asking yourself. I am telling you this because I thought you might like some perspective on what it's like for someone not from here.
Let's start off with the obvious. I am from a small town. I had never seen a crane building things before. How is that possible you might ask? Go back to my opening statement about living in a small town.
Seeing buildings being built quickly baffles me.

Being minutes away from a big city like Toronto took a lot of getting used to. Concerts from big named bands closer than I have ever imagined.

I work  in a mall where in a day there is same amount of people from my small town in it. How is this possible?
 A few holidays are different here. You don't have independence day. They do have Canada day it's celebrated on July 1st. Every month in the summer has one long weekend in it. They even have a family day in February. The one that throws me off the most is Thanksgiving. I was used to having Thanksgiving in November. Where it would be cold and sometimes snowy.
In Canada Thanksgiving is in October. The weather could be a lot like this.

All in all I truly love living in this country. Every day there are new things I learn.
I hope you all have enjoyed this little blog. I hope to have a few surprises guests soon. I hope you all enjoy your time with your family and friends.
Have a great day E.J Babcock.


  1. Nice History of your life n where u came from , Interresting ! n the picture's to go along with your new life in Canada , n how you see it. Thank's for sharing. Randy :)