Monday, October 27, 2014

Paws on the ground

My Paws On The Ground Reporting team.

I have three dogs who I am going to use to interview people's pets that I have on my blog or they will interview the people themselves. They might even comment on my cooking skills (or lack of).

This is Gizmo he is my lead Paws On The Ground reporter. He is my 3 year old shih tzu. He likes his belly rubbed all the time. He loves sleeping on his back and chassing leaves. Gizmo doesn't chase after balls often and only plays when HE wants. If you want to see him play take him near sand :-) If Gizzy could talk he would sound like a teacher. That's what I think at least.

This is my husbend Holding Oreo (the cookie) our 1 1/2 year old and his is a Shichon-Teddy Bear (who will try and french kiss you). My husbend is holding him ony because he won't stay still long enough to take a picture. Oreo has a tail that goes in circles like a helicoptor. He likes his belly rubbed too.He also like eating anything he can get ahold of. If Oreo ould talk he would sound like a teenager. 

This is Miss. Bailey, she is 9 months old and she is a shih tzu she is the Diva of the house. She acts like a cat and I think in a past ife she was one. She carries home pinecones and leaves from her walks (sometimes sticks). She also fnd shoes and turns them into tys SMH (Shaking my head) If she were to talk I think she would sound like an eight year old girl. She is a lot like Emily and they are best friends.

So that is who I am going to use to get the inside scoop on the people I interview (I hope they have good insurance) Theses dogs are the best cuddly dgs you ca ask for just watch ut for the tongue!! lmao

Now I can't leave out my number one taste tester.

This is Miss Emily my 8 year old little girl. She loves my cooking ( She must have no taste buds that or she has to take what she can with all the boys) As you can tell she likes pink!

Well I hope you enjoyed this blog Tuesday's blog wil have an Autor and her dog....who I won't say...I will tell you she likes tigers.

I hope everyone has a great day I am  E J Babcock.

A quick tease about tomorrow's blog. 

This is the dog of the person I have up next, do you know the dog? Shhhhhhh don't tell ; )

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