Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Guest Interview Number 5 Saturday

It's Saturday are you having a good weekend? I hope so! I have another Author for you. I hope you like her as much as I do! 

My question's are in black today.

1) Can you please introduce yourself to everyone.

Hi, I am Heather Fortman,  :)
I just wrote my first book, Chasing Constellations  (http://authl.it/B00M7LCEZE ) this past July. I'm currently working on book two (Tracking The Hunter) which I hope to have out soon! Let's see, I'm a mom to two cats and two dogs, a 15 year old boy, and of course my loving husband. (We all know men can be kids, no matter their ages!)    
3) Do you have a favorite genre?
I get asked this a lot, and honestly, no I don't. I love any and all genres. As long as it's a good book!
4) Did you always want to write or what inspired you to do it?
I have. Even back when I was twelve years old, I used to carry around an extra note book and write stories in them. My poor parents were constantly bombarded with "Mom, read this!" to the point I think they were about to burn my notebooks! I was just too afraid to hit that big red publish button until my husband finally convinced me. That, and the awesome SE Smith took me under her wing and showed me how to do everything. She's a fantastic person, and has no problem answering any questions!
5) Do you need a nice quiet space to write or are you blasting your music and writing?
I'm either blasting music, or blaring the TV! I HAVE to. HAVE. TO! Have to have some background noise. Ironically, I can't concentrate with dead silence.
6) If you could give one tip to someone who wants to write what would it be?
Don't put it off. Write it. Get someone to edit it. Then publish it. Your dreams are pointless, unless you take them by the horns and DO something about it, or with them.
7) What is the big dream? In other words where would you like your writing to take you to in the future?
Wow. Umm.. I just want people to enjoy the stories I write. I love writing them and want to share them.
8) If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be?
Edgar Allen Poe. Sherrilyn Kenyon. They're fantastic writers.

Now the fun questions        
1) Do you like pizza or salad?


2) What do you like more cake or fruit?

 Hmm this one depends on my mood. I'm allergic to wheat (sobs) sooo depends on if I want to pay the piper!

3) What is your favorite kind of music? 

Anything but 99% of rap! Right now I have Godsmack, Nickleback, Garth Brooks… they're all playing in a shuffle!

4) Who is your favorite Author?

 I have wayyy too many to remember them all! However; I love Sherrilyn Kenyon. Renee George. Cynthia St. Aubin. SE Smith. Dawn Montgomery. Alexandria Ivy. Just to name a few.

5) Do you like Vampire, Werewolf, Fairy or shifter men when you read for pleasure? 

Yes to all of the above!

6) Do you have pet's?

 I do! I have two dogs: Belle is an Australian Shepherd, and Penny who is a Harrier Hound. And two black cats, Syd the queen of the house, and Peanut.

7)Do you have favorite animal not your pet's but like wild animals?

I love Zebra's. And Horses. And Eagles…

8) Do you like city or suburbs better? 

I've always been a country girl at heart.
9) If you could live anywhere where would it be

Scotland. Or maybe Texas.
10) Do you have tattoos? Do you want one?

 I do! I have one on my shoulder of my son, (baby griffon) and a huge one on my lower back of two adult griffons walking on a rose vine.
11) Do you like guys with tattoos?

 Most definitely!
12) Do you have a favorite place you like to be?

 Cuddled on the couch watching tv or reading with my animals snuggled in and hubby beside me.

Gizmo's Corner

                                                                                  (Penny is the one blowing raspberries)
Gizmo's questions is in the blue. 
1. Hi, I am Gizmo and you are? 
Hi Gizmo! I'm Penny! Wanna play?
2.  Do you go to any stores? If so which is your favorite store? 
I don't like car rides, mom thinks it's because I was thrown out of a car when I was a little. But I love going to Pet Supplies Plus with her! I get to pick out a new toy every time we go!
3.       What is your favorite toy that you play with?
 I have a stuffed bunny that I carry with me everywhere. Even to bed!
4.       Do you have a favorite animal show? 

I love watching Cesar Milan! I get sad and whine whenever mom doesn't watch it with me.
5.       Do you chase cats?
 I know better. Syd will get after me if I do! Although, Peanut and I sometimes play chase in the yard! I'll chase him then run away, and he chases me!
6.       Do you like off the leash parks better than walks? There's a HUGE doggie park down the road from us. Mom takes us both there whenever she can. We get to walk there, play for a few hours, then walk home!
7.       Do you like having belly rubs? 
Belly rubs are the best thing in the world!
8.       Do you like it when it's warm or cold out? Day or night?
 I don't like night time. It's scary and reminds me of when I had to live on the streets before Mom found me! But I like when it's cold, then Mom lets me snuggle in bed with her under the covers!
9.       What is your favorite treat? 
People food. *nods* I’m not picky, any treat I get I devour as soon as I can!
10.       Do you sleep on a human bed, a dog bed, the top of the couch, the floor or the crate? 
If mom and dad are in bed, then I'm in there with them. Otherwise, I'm comfy lying on the floor at their feets, keeping them warm!

(Her other pet's)

I really am enjoying everyone I have asked to do my blogg. I love how I can ask the same questions and get different answers.
I hope you enjoy your day/night I am E.J Babcock.

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  1. <3 you hon! I had a great time answering the questions! And Penny is still prancing around all smug that she got interviewed for the first time!