Monday, September 29, 2014

Some changes

 Let me start off with the obvious. I have changed the names of the lead female character. Her name was Elizabella or Izzy for short. It was a name that popped into my head from the start. I realized that it was alomost like my own name. So with some help of Denyse Bridger and many baby name sites I found a new name. (By the way want to scare your hubby who you have five kids with? Try leaving a baby names site up where he can see it.)
 Now back to the whole name change thing.  Arabella Rose Ann Kingstone is now my lead female character. She likes being called Rose for short for  a reason which you will find out when I get my book done. I just might sneak out some teasers for you. If your really lucky.
   Rose is the one who has run into Cassius a few times and they are starting to fall in love.

*********This should give you an idea of what Rose looks like*****************

     As many writers know sometimes some characters just put themselves into your book. Now I didn’t believe this until I met Mr. Chadwick Sheridan the Third. Who is he you might ask? Well he is engaged to Arabella Rose Ann Kingstone. 
   Rose is the one who has run into Cassius a few times and they are starting to fall in love.

***********The rest of this blog is pure fiction tale.******** 
So what I am going to do today is introduce you to the pompous a… ummm (Sorry kids) I am going to introduce you to Mr. Chadwick Sheridan the Third.


    Let me start off first by saying the car this guy showed up in had me drooling it was a purple Lamborghini. You all know my love of purple and my love of cars. Put the two together and you have me drooling like a puppy dog. I had all three of my crazy dogs in my hand when the car pulled up.
     “Mrs. Babcock?” said a voice over the barking crazy dogs.
“Ummmm yeah?” trying my best to get the crazy mutts in control and putting them in the house.
A tall man in expensive clothes got out of the Lamborghini the door he got out of was up in the air.

  “I am Chadwick Sheridan the Third. I am here because I heard you are doing the story on the football player and my Arabella Kingstone.”
“Well yes, I was thinking about it. Why do you ask?”
“You do know they won’t last right?”
“Look here is some money.” He starts pulling hundreds out of his wallet.
“I am not sure who you think you are…”
“Take the money get those fluff balls a trainer. You have to make sure I end up with Arabella in the end. Do you understand that? I need her!”
I looked at the money in his hand ohhh I could sure use that money. “I am sorry but I can’t say what direction the story will take.”
“But you are the one  writing it!”
“You act like a jerk and that’s putting it lightly. Trust me hitting her wasn’t a good idea. I really didn’t like writing that. This story had enough things going in it. Then you popped yourself into it.”
“I see we are at a standstill.”
“It would seem that way.”
“I really didn't mean to hit her.You could take me hitting her out of it you know, blame Sarah or someone else.”
“I don’t think so.”
“Fine then, I will be going.”

    As he tucked his money back into his wallet and walked back to the car and got in. The purple Lamborghini was a blur as it took off down my street. I stood there thinking the nerve of some people. They think they can buy others off. I guess he never had met me.

 So as you can see what kind of Rose has had to deal with...
   I Hope you enjoyed my little story. I hope you have a great day! I now have to go feed the dogs or find socks...or