Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Creative Night Out!

I went to a wonderful event. With my husband, we went to The Purple Heather. To an event ran by Vaniessa Kiddey and Wayne Kiddey the owners of The Wobbly Canvas. I myself can't paint. I always worry I'll do it wrong.

This is the background I went with. I liked the pink it seemed happy.

 These were the starting colors.

 Ok so here is my base tree. See the funky shape?

More branches. I really started liking it.

Some funky balls. Now if you look at the tree the tree starts having more colors.

The masterpieces that we created. I have no clue how mine ended up looking this good. I wonder if Veniessa fixed it when I wasn't looking. In the end it was an amazing night filled with laughter, drinks, food and FUN!

So go out try something outside your comfort zone. You might find out you have a hidden talent.

 I would like to thank Vaniessa and Wayne Kiddey for a fabulous night out. If you would like to contact her the email is venissasartandsoul@gmail.com
She is located in Burlington, Ontario Canada. She paints glasses as well and might sell you one if you ask nicely.


  1. I already posted comment n it 's gone :( look's like a wonderful night of painting n showing us step by step.Love it ! show's we do not have to know how to paint. Awesome job on your's Elizabeth thank's for showing it...I agree good way to spend an evening with friend's n family,food n drink n paint a pic you can then take home n hang. Wonderful.thanks for sharing. ;)

    1. had to put annonomous in order to post it. Randy Foster Leblanc

    2. Sometimes these things act wonky. But thanks Randy Foster. It was loads of fun and plan on going back. ;)

    3. Hi Elizabeth, you guys did great last night. It was fun watching you all take your blank canvas and turn it into your own unique masterpiece. Hope to see you & Lorne out again for another fun creative night. Oh...did Lorne end up posting his masterpiece on kijji?? Hahaha :-D

    4. No he hasn't yet. I am trying to convince him it's not from his blue period. I am definitely going back!

  2. So if you are having trouble commenting inbox me on Facebook.

  3. Thanks for coming out. We enjoyed painting you both. Your trees were definitely the definition of funk :) Hope to see yous again :) Wayne Kiddey.

  4. It was fun and I loved your Halloween tree Wayne. We will definitely be back!