Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A First Time for Everything!

E.J. Babcock’s First blog.

Many of you have no idea who I am. So I will start with introductions and go from there. I am E.J. Babcock. I like writing, animals, crafts and music. I am a happily married mother of five kids and three dogs. I live near Toronto, Ontario. No it’s not freezing cold and we all don’t live in igloos.

I write romance stories and every now and then I will write poetry. I believe firmly in true love and happily ever after even if it takes awhile to get to it. I write some steamy love scenes.

Most of my characters come from broken homes or blended families. They say write what you know right? I myself was from a blended family. My parents met at parents without partners group. My father had a daughter and son from his first marriage. My mother had a son from her first marriage. The thing is in our family you would never have known we weren’t full siblings. My father came from a family with mixed siblings as well. My parents always said no matter what we are all family. With lots of foster kid’s in and out of the house it was the same statement we were family.

So I have a love of music. Right now while I am writing I am listening to my rock and something softer.

The two songs I find myself listening to the most are.

Five Finger Death Punch the song is Hate Me
John Legend the song All of Me

So here’s the good part I am going to post a few teasers of a few things I am working on or have done but unpublished.

A little about this story. It's a fictional story. About Cassius who is an NFL football star. Izzy is a ballet dancer. They had met earlier that day and had an argument.

Run (working title) teaser:

Cassius was walking slowly up to the back of the building, trying to miss any fans that might be hanging around. As he walked up to his building he noticed a lone figure sitting on the ground with their head between their legs and their arms wrapped around their head. Whoever it was they were looking as defeated as he felt. As he got closer he saw whoever it was had long black hair cascading around them. Now and then a soft wind blew making it look like a flag blowing in the breeze. That was when Cassius realized that it was the girl he saw earlier. Izzy if he was remembering her name right. Truth be told she hadn’t left his thoughts all night, but there was no way Cassius was going to admit it. Cassius didn’t need to add her problems on to the one’s he already had. As he stood watching Izzy sitting there, looking like she had not a friend in the world. Cassius made a decision, he quietly walked up next her trying his best to not to startle her. Cassius sat down on the damp grass. Cassius was unsure what he was going to do now he was here. He could hear her crying but wasn’t sure what had caused it. Cassius looked up in the sky trying to find the words to say. Cassius couldn’t let her be this upset. He couldn’t let her eye color be the reason he didn’t help her. Izzy needed someone to talk to. She was going to need someone who was going to care about her. She was going to need someone who was good at listening. Izzy needed someone who had been in her shoes. She didn’t need to feel like he did. She didn’t need to feel like she was nothing.

“What do you want now?” Izzy’s voice was weak and straining to talk. “Are you going to tell me I can’t use the gym anymore?”

“No you can use the gym. I am sitting here because I just thought that my shorts need to be cleaned. So I figured what better way to do it than sit on some wet grass.”

Her laughter was like music to Cassius' ears. The small snort was unexpected but it made him laugh. Cassius rarely laughed at anything. So it was odd to him that Izzy could make him laugh. The silence found them again. Cassius was unsure what to say next.

“So do you want to talk about it?”

“It’s nothing a big football star would want to discuss with a lowly two stepping dancer like me. I am sure you have other places to be, other people to see.”

“You know I owe you an apology. I was having a bad morning today and you just happened to catch the brunt end of it. I am rarely like that. Believe it or not I was going to find you tomorrow and apologize. You didn’t even know who I was and you were concerned enough to try and talk to me. You didn’t know I am the treadmill killer.”

They sat in silence for awhile her position went unchanged, Cassius moved a bit closer. The weather was getting cooler and Izzy only had on a light tank top. Cassius was going to suggest they head in, he moved even closer hoping to block the wind. His eyes were on her and every now and then he would look at the night sky.

“No apologies are needed Cassius…” Her voice was faint “Look I should go in it’s starting to get cool.” as Izzy was getting up to leave, Cassius noticed a huge bruise across her cheek.

Cassius got up fast, blocking the way of her retreat. “What happened to you Izzy? Are you ok?” Cassius could tell the bruise wasn’t an accident. She tried to get past him and he stepped in front of her.

Izzy’s head was down. Cassius wasn’t going to rush her into telling him what happened, but she wasn’t going to leave without an explanation. Seeing that bruise had brought his proactive side. Cassius hated the fact Izzy wasn’t looking at him. Her head was down looking at the ground, as she shook her head no she said “Nothing it doesn’t matter. I’m fine.” Her voice was but a faint whisper filled with fear and sadness.

Cassius started to slowly reaching for her face, he placed a finger under her chin. Her skin was soft and warm. He raised her head up so her fiery blue eyes could look at him damn the consequences. “I am going to ask this one last time. I am going to ask very nicely. I would like an answer or I might have to just start kicking every man’s ass in this state.”

Izzy’s eyes were closed, the tears were flowing out of them Cassius slowly put his other arm around her. He started rubbing her back in slow circles. “Come on sweetheart talk to me. Let me see those beautiful eyes.” 

“What does it matter to you? Mister big time football star, why do you care? How many times do I have to tell you I AM FINE? Hell you couldn’t even talk to me this morning now you…now you what? You want to be BFF’s please.” Izzy stretched that word out and dripped Cassius could tell it was full of anger. That was really directed towards him. “What, did you decide to see if you could get me in the sack tonight? Well mission failed Mr. Football star you can’t get me in bed tonight or any other night.” Cassius could tell she was being feisty because she was hurt and didn’t want to open up to him.

“The fact you have a bruise on your face isn’t FINE!” Cassius let out a frustrated sigh. He had said that louder than he wanted to. Izzy had winced when he had. His temper was on a thin edge, he wanted to get whoever did that to her on the football field. He wanted her to talk to him. “Let’s try something ok? I am going to tell you something about me that only a few people know about. Then you are going to tell me what happened to you tonight.” 

Cassius didn’t wait for a reply “I was born to an alcoholic mother who rarely feed me and my younger brother. I am so small today due partly to the lack of nutrition I had early on. She beat us whenever she felt like it. It was a living nightmare that still haunts me today. The day I escaped her furry was worst I had ever seen it. She was high and drunk. Her fist felt like lead when they pounded into me. I don’t like running on pavement because the day I escaped I ran on hot pavement in bare feet to get to a cop car a few streets away. I had never been outside of the house until that day.” Izzy’s blue eyes had found his face at some point while he was talking. “Now Izzy it’s your turn. What happened to you and who did it?”

Izzy’s just stared at him trying to figure out what she should say. Wondering what had happened between this morning and this evening that made Cassius want to help her. Cassius had told her something that was personal to him. Izzy wasn’t so sure she could do the same. Izzy then let out her own sigh, looked back at the damp grass beneath them “It’s nothing…really...thanks for asking but I am…”

“Don’t blow me off Izzy!” Cassius quickly cut her off. “That bruise is something, you don’t deserve that! A woman is something to be treasured, not hit. I tell nobody about my childhood. Not even the reporters that hound me daily! I need some answers or I am calling up Dev and we are going to start kicking a lot of ass. You and I may not have gotten off to the best start but nobody deserves to be hit like that. Even if I didn’t know you I wouldn’t let you walk away now.” Cassius was trying hard to keep his voice low and soft. While his insides were on fire he didn’t like people who felt like it was okay to abuse others. Cassius hated it when people thought they had deserved to be hit. Cassius stopped rubbing her back and made a move to get his pocket for his phone.

Izzy grabbed his arm mid air “Don’t” her voice was soft and wobbly the tears running softly down her face. “I left him…Sarah has begged me for months to it but..but…I thought…he is going to…change…He swore to me he would stop…but…but” Cassius pulled her into him, she was taller but she fit into his arms like she belonged there.

“Shhhh…Shhh….It will be ok I promise he won’t touch you again.” Izzy’s tears were soaking his shirt and he could care less. Cassius hated seeing Izzy this upset. Cassius wanted to see the fire in her eyes that he had seen this morning. Izzy collapsed into his arms the pain from the bruise more than likely becoming too much for her to bear. Cassius slowly lifted her up like she was nothing, carrying her like she was an infant. Cassius was taking her to his room where whoever had hit her wouldn’t find her.

* * * * *

A little about leap for Love. Another fictional story. A story about Liv who’s best friend is an on the rise rock star. Evan is a writer from Rolling Stones magazine who told Liv’s friend didn’t have a chance in the music business.

Leap for Love teaser:

"Do you cook crow Miss Miller?"

His question made her speechless.

"Are you still there Jess? "

"Yes I am. “Jess answered confused

"Look I don't say this often so listen to what I say closely. I was wrong. How about dinner with me and an article for Liv? You and I can cover what way to promote your client. "

"I don't think Liv wants you to do the article anymore. She found your response to her music and her rights to have some things remain private very uncalled for. "Jess didn’t want dinner with this man his voice was sexy as hell. She had put her love life on hold to get Liv where she was now. She also knew that most men found her unattractive. Her own parents had thought so as well. Her life with them had been hell. They hated Liv and they hated her. She was never good enough.

"Jess.... Jess, are you there? My phone must be cutting out. "

Crap Jess had to get her shit together. This was Liv's career on the line and hers.

"I am sorry Mr. Young I think it was my phone not yours. I don't have time to meet with you. I can schedule a Face Time interview with Liv if you would like."

"Maybe it's you I want to get to know?" His voice has lowered into a sexy purr her insides quivered.

"I don't date. Please send me emails with a few times that are good for you and I will email you back." Jess didn't wait for what he said next she hung up on him.

"What the hell was that Jess. Did I miss something”? Liv asked

* * * * *
This is some poetry it is based on real life experiences.

You can no longer have any control over me.
You would laugh if you heard that last statement.
You were the one who hurt me.
You were the one who tried to kill my creativity.
You were the one who lied.
You were the one who cheated.
You were the one who beat and abused me.
You were the one who lied about having a job.
You were the one that I feared would kill me.
You were the one who killed our unborn child by beating me.
You were the one I had to leave.
You were the one who tried to put all the blame on me.
You may be shocked but as of this moment you will no longer effect me.
I am done with You!

* * * * *

Untitled Poem

I put my head in hands.

I let the tears fall through my fingers slowly

I close my eyes wishing that when I opened them that you would be well again

I open my eyes slowly and know that nothing has changed

I let me head spin and I am at a loss for words

My heart is feeling like it being ripped in two...

My world is tilting off its axis

I cry because there is nothing more I can do...

I try to keep a smile on my face...but I am not always successful

My world slowly is crumbling around my feet

I have lost my way

This is an unfinished poem....by me


The next story is fictional it's about a young girl who has been passed around to some pretty bad foster care homes. She has been caught shoplifting and is being questioned by a cop and a well dressed gentleman.

Finding Raven:

The cop slapped the photos down on the table. “Has someone paid you to look like this women? You know have they made you dye your hair get some reconstruction surgery or something?” 

Raven looked at the photos of the unknown women. They could easily pass as twins but, Raven could these photos were taken before she was born. So Raven wrote the word no on the notepad she had been provided.

The cop looked at the gentleman with questioning eyes.

“Do you chose not to speak or you just can’t speak?” the gentleman was wealthy she could tell by the way he spoke and his cloths. He had dark hair like hers.

“I have been passed around like trash for my whole life. I have had people beat and abuse me in many, many ways. So I chose to not speak it draws less attention to me.” Raven’s voice was soft and steady and filled with anger and hurt. Raven had no clue what these men wanted. She saw the gentlemen’s feelings pass through his eyes while she spoke. They flashed between anger and compassion.

“What the HELL IS IT you want from me?” Raven raged and tears slipped down her face.

So thanks for taking your time to read this. I hope you enjoy your day. If you want to find me my name on Facebook is Elizabeth Smith Babcock. My group is E.J. Babcock Aspiring Author. My Twitter is @SunfiresAngel44


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