Monday, June 19, 2017

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So who's excited for summer and the great music it brings? I know there are many bands who are touring with their ticket prices being either too expensive or impossible to get.

Do I have a solution for you? Of course I do.

I know there is a certain band who is playing in Toronto July 16th. Their tickets were hard to get. It's a band I personally have never seen live. I won't mention them by name.

Then I found out I could see one of my favorite local cover band's live!

It's a band I can guarantee that you will have a great time at their show. I can guarantee you will get your money's worth. I can guarantee that you will be singing along to every song with them.

How much is it? I'm sure you must be asking yourself. Well that's the beauty of it. It is only around  $13 (with taxes and fees). The show will be at the Phoenix in Toronto.

Now who's the band at such a great cost?

It's Sandman!!! They're the only Metallica sanctioned tribute band!

The band members are:

Rickferd Van Dyk - on lead guitar and vocals.

Brent Niemi - on drums

Paul Fonseca - Bass

Joe Di Taranto - Lead Guitar.

I've seen these guys play, they leave you wanting more every single time.

94.9 is hosting this event and when you go to the event page you'll see it says “You'll never know who might show up.” It is the same night as another show close by.

All proceeds are going to CAMH. So you'll also be giving money to a good cause while you rock out!

So I'm inviting you to check out the best tribute band I've seen! You never know who might show up to rock with you. You can Thank me or the band latter.

Thank you guys for reading this. Thank you Rickferd Van Dyk for letting me write this. Thank you to all members of Sandman for putting on a great show, I can't wait to see you again! Thank you Brenda Smith DeWilde for the use of your photos and my watermark.

I hope you go to the show. I know you'll enjoy it. I'll post the link for the venue that has a map and the nearest parking lot for the show below.
I'm E.J. Babcock of E.J Babcock Publications.

This is the venue:

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